Sunken Submarine

A player home set up in a sunken submarine.

The room is partially flooded, sunlight is coming through the porthole. Such a lonely and gruesome faith to get stuck in a sunken submarine.
A personal project of mine to practice combining level design, modeling, texturing and lighting/effects in engine.

Rendered in Unreal 4

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00014

Added a water effect using Fresnel and a normalmap as input for refraction.

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00011

First lighting pass

Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00008
Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00001
Ralf hakkesteegt screenshotmaya002
Ralf hakkesteegt screenshotmaya001
Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00005
Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00000
Ralf hakkesteegt highresscreenshot00010