Space Squid - Ludum Dare 38

A gamejam project I worked on with team Potaton.
We made it for Ludum Dare 38, I was responsible for the art and did mostly shaderwork in Unreal 4 and some modeling and texturing.
The model of the big purple sphere is made by the other artist in the team, I made the forcefield effect though.
Play it here:

Ralf hakkesteegt 1bb2

Ingame screenshot of the environment taken from the firstperson player perspective

Rocket that gets shot at the player, I added a sharks face as seen on ww2 airplanes

Ralf hakkesteegt 1be9

Ingame screenshot of the main boss taken from the firstperson player perspective

Ralf hakkesteegt 2017 04 24 21 31 42 sm gun

Model of the gun rendered in unreal, the screen use to have a nice panning display with green logs and random info, we ended up using the screen as a health indicator