Concept Art of Canyon Murals - under Hatlight games

These are tribal murals I designed, for an unannounced project under HatLight Games.
The setting of the game is science-fiction/tribalism and focuses on African tribes, living in canyons.

The design of the murals is based on a mix of mostly African and some Native American mural designs.

Ralf hakkesteegt canyonoverviewmuralsshot008

Final design and rendered out image of how the murals are placed in the environment.

Ralf hakkesteegt canyonoverviewmuralsshot002

Second rendered out image that shows a mix of old faded out murals and newly placed ones.

Ralf hakkesteegt canyonoverviewmuralsshot001

First iteration on rendered out image from the canyons and the placement of the murals

Ralf hakkesteegt wallpaintingssketch001

Final design of the murals drawn with crayons on brown thick paper

Ralf hakkesteegt patterns001

First quick sketch of the different types of murals